About Me

My name is Isaak Wells and this is my website. I am an Actor, Voice Actor and writer. I occasionally dabble in Photography and Directing. I am always working on something dealing with film, video or voice acting.
I am also the creator of Pyrolight Productions PyrolightProductions.com & My own creations on YouTube

A little about my past

I was born November 2 1984, Los Angeles California, Raised in many places including Florida & Canada. I was also born with a congenital heart defect and major lung & heart issues. The majority of my youth was spent in a hospital. My mother, Donna, bought an Atari and later systems when they were available for me to play in the hospital to help get my mind away from the pain and suffering and to relax. At 16 I suffered left leg Myopathy (Muscle death) after is third of five heart attacks and two strokes.

Personal Philosophy

After much time in the hospital I have learned quite a few things about life. I learned that you should “Never kill the Kid” by which I mean no matter how old you get always keep your fascinations alive, your curiosity and amazement with all things small and large fictional and non-fictional. No matter what your inner child loves keep it alive. Another thing is try and be as positive as possible, throughout my whole life I have realized that anger, hate, depression and those things really have no point, so try and be happy and laugh a lot.